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US and UK ban laptops and tablets on flights from certain Middle East countries.

US bans larger electronic devices on some flights from Middle East.
"US authorities have secretly required airlines from eight nations to forbid passengers from carrying any electronic or electrical device larger than a cellphone.

The new edict was distributed in an email described as “confidential” from the US transportation safety administration (TSA) on Monday.
The requirement forbids passengers from bringing laptops, iPads, Kindles and even cameras larger than mobile phones into the cabin. All such devices must be checked.
Saudi Arabia’s Saudia Airlines and Royal Jordanian airlines are among the affected countries; the full list had not been revealed to the affected airlines themselves until a press briefing by the US department of Homeland Security on Monday evening."
UK bans laptops and tablets on flights from six Middle East countries.
"Nothing larger than smartphone allowed in cabins on planes from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

The UK government has announced a sweeping new cabin ban on all laptops and tablets on inbound flights from six Middle East countries – regulations that are wider than similar US restrictions.
The ban on anything electronic larger than a normal smartphone will affect direct flights from six countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.
UK airlines will come under the ban, including British Airways, EasyJet, Jet2, Monarch, Thomas Cook and Thomson. Foreign carriers affected are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airways, Atlas-Global Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Egyptair. Royal Jordanian, Tunis Air and Saudia.
Though the restrictions, effective immediately, will not apply to flights where UK travellers change planes in European airports, it is likely other European countries are considering similar restrictions."
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